1999 - First idea for AquAria / The discovery of under water singing through Claudia HERR

2000 - Performance AquAria in the large hall of the Public Pool Berlin-Neukölln ...

Berliner Morgenpost June 28th 2000
 "...'Platsch, platsch' - she stops in front of the stairs that are leading down towards the calm, blue water surface and begins singing. The full soprano and contralto voice fills the space ...

2002 - 2006 - AquAria – Performances for the opening of BOOT fair Düsseldorf, inauguration of the public pool Eberswalde, Event-Tour Mecklenburg – Pomerania and others

2007 - Sequence of Sound Research Studies

2008 - Concert AquAria at Liquidrome Berlin-Mitte

2009 - Idee Idea Under Water Opera AquAria_PALAOA / concept development

2010 - Presentation AquAria_PALAOA at Zeuthen

2011 - Production Under Water Opera AquAria_PALAOA "Das Alter der Welt" original version
11 Performances at Stadtbad Berlin Neukölln

2012 - Production Under Water Opera AquAria_PALAOA "Das Alter der Welt II"
First Performance at Münster Therme in Düsseldorf

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